CSU Poetry Center presents INDEX FOR CONTINUANCE, a new podcast. The first episode, “The New Obsolescence,” features Matvei Yankelevich (CRF 2021), poet, translator, critic, editor, and publisher. A founding member of the editorial collective Ugly Duckling Presse, current publisher of Winter Editions, and editor at World Poetry Books, Matvei’s recent work includes the chapbook Dead Winter from Fonograf Editions and the co-translation, with Eugene Ostashevsky, of Alexander Vvedensky’s An Invitation for Me to Think, from NYRB Books. 

The podcast discussion explores Matvei’s four-part essay series, first published on Harriet in 2020. They discuss professionalization in the writing world, money and how small presses do and don’t get it, the struggles and beauties of collectivization, the autonomy of the small press vs. the compromises of capital, amateurism, middle age, antagonism in the market, moving forward with obsolescence.

Listen to the episode here.