Last week the city of Turin hosted the 35th Salone del Libro, a major cultural festival and book fair in Italy. Civitella Ranieri partnered with the Fondazione Merz and hopefulmonster publishing house to organize “Decolonizzare il racconto del mondo,” a panel discussion with authors Ubah Cristina Ali Farah (CRF 2019), Sinan Antoon, Paola Caridi (CRF 2021) e Patricia Evangelista (CRF 2023). Starting with works by Ali Farah and Antoon, the four lecturers discussed the need to decolonize the current global narrative in international news reporting. Salone del Libro also gave us an opportunity to reconnect with past nominators, jurors, and Civitellians such as Claudia Durastanti (CRF 2022) and Andrew Sean Greer (CRF 2021).